Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small but Much Needed Home Improvement

The Before........ So, we got lucky and our house is fairly new (built in 1996). Sort of uncommon for the area we are in so it's much more up to date than 99% of the other houses we looked it. The problem is that, while it doesn't need anything major (yet), the decor is very 90's chic. I have always wanted a house with white doors and window trim and we got it, but unfortunately on those white doors is gold, gold, GOLD! Gold hinges, gold door knobs, gold latches on windows. The gold continues to every fixture in the house, and we are not gold people.

This lovely sconce is the beast that was hanging in our stairway as you head upstairs. It is absolutely huge in height and length, and then there's the gold factor. We knew it had to go, post haste. We have looked for awhile for a sconce with two lights to replace it and those were surprisingly hard to find. We ended up downsizing in the size of the fixture and the number of bulbs although or wattage stayed the same.

The After............
We wanted something simple and we continue on our quest to replace all gold with the deep bronze color. I'm sure in ten years, we'll wonder why we fell for this fad but for now we like it.

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