Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food Related/School Related Pet Peeve

I think all of you know that Tuesdays are my foe...I have clinical all day and then it's straight to class from 7-9pm. With unpredictable traffic, there's really not time (nor an easy on/easy off place) to stop and get something to eat. It's difficult to think of a suitable dinner to bring, one that won't be ruined if frozen in winter or that requires refrigeration in the warmer months.

These dilemmas leave me with one option, eating at school. The school is basically a commuter school, it has no dorms and it relies heavily on it's non traditional student/grad student population to keep things afloat. These students primarily attend classes offered after the typical work day, either from 4-7p or from 7-9p.

Here enters my pet peeve....
The sad excuse for a food option (really the only one that isn't just a tiny Starbuck's Express), is located in the student union. It only operates until 6pm! Does that seem illogical to you? It would seem to me that if the second set of night classes are first starting at 7pm, you would keep the store open until around then so you can get the extra business. Also, the times I do make it to school a little early, everything is entirely picked over and they have started shutting down everything. I rarely get to campus before 6 due to traffic, leaving me with junk food from the bookstore as the only option. To make it worse, the bookstore doesn't even sell beverages!

Last night, I did not make it in time so I got some Baked Lays and a Sprite Zero from the Starbuck's express. Not ideal dinner for a pregnant lady. I've started to eat a bigger lunch in anticipation that dinner is going to be hard to come by.

Isn't that ridiculous? Makes me want to write a letter.....

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