Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bathroom Reno

Today we made some headway on the bathroom renovations....the contractor sent us the estimator but forgot to attach it, so we at least know it's done and it's on the way. We went to Lowe's and to another bath showroom to look at vanities and countertops. We went to the local place first and found this vanity. It's about $650 without the countertop, sink, or fixtures. It's solid wood.
Then we stopped at Lowe's to see if we could find anything similar but cheaper. Honestly, we don't care if it's solid hardwood or not. We just couldn't even find anything we liked looks-wise at Home Depot the other weekend which is why we tried the showroom. Any improvements we make in our bathroom will be great, anything to get the boring lowest end possible countertap/vanity combo that's currently in there out. So we found this vanity which is similar in color, we liked that it has the legs like the more expensive one instead of just sitting squarely on the ground.

We also kind of wanted to go cheaper on the vanity itself because we want to get these nice fixtures from Restoration Hardware. We're planning to get the fixtures below, the toilet paper holder, light fixture, and the towel ring (which is a square).

Then to finish it off, we will have to still choose the counter top and sink (I think we are going to go with a combo set from Lowe's), tile for the floor, and the toilet. I was initially against getting a new toilet, ours works just fine and isn't a toilet a toilet? But M prefers to get a new one since we are updating everything else. We looked and found one that has a cool almost crown molding looking top to it that I think we will get.
After all of that, we will have to finally decide on that paint color. Decisions decisions.

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  1. Making decision is really a hard task for us grown ups. So it's important to think twice before deciding. I loved your post!


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