Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an action packed week/weekend...early in the week, Miss A had a fever for a few days which had us second guessing whether or not we would be able to actually have our action packed weekend, but it all worked out in the end. She did miss a day of day care but it resolved within a few days and she's back to her normal self.
Anyway, Friday we went to the aquarium..we've been to a few kid friendly restaurants that had fish tanks and she really liked it. We got discounted passes through the library so we thought, what the heck. We headed into the city and spent about 90 minutes at the aquarium and Miss A was kaput. We tried to revive her with a feeding but she was pretty much all set with the fishies for the day. After being gouged $18 for parking, and that was the validated rate, we headed home to pack for the other adventures of the weekend.
Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed up to Vt to visit M's parents. Most of M's extended family have not met A yet, so the whole family was coming over on Sunday. She was great in the car, pretty much slept the whole way, waking up just before our usual pit stops and then falling right back to sleep when we got back in the car. The naps in the pack and play were dicey the first day, and she cried off and on for the first hour after going down for the night but then she was fine. The next day, she napped much better, charmed the pants off all of the family, and avoided her usual day 2 meltdown. She went to bed without any issues and actually slept straight through ( I think part of the reason for the success is that she can't drop the pacifier out of the side of the pack and play like she does with the crib). The ride home was fine, she slept for only 45 minutes of it, but I sat in back and played with her and we successfully avoided any major meltdowns.
We have one more day together since I don't work on Tuesdays and then it's back to the grind on Wednesday which will be a rude awakening!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I have this strange love of using things when you finish the toothpaste or when you have a huge thing of laundry detergent and it's finally gone. I feel that same accomplishment with this sweater...look at all the yarn I'm using up. The thickness of the stripes depends on how much of that color I have left....satisfaction!

The Multi-Stripe

Why am I making yet another sweater for myself and not Miss A? Because I have tons of DK weight non machine washable yarn to use up.

I'm making a multistripe sweater to use it up, and oh is it gratifying to see all of these small scraps of yarn finally being used up. I'm winging the pattern, heavily inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's designs...just measuring how many stitches per inch and then figuring out your own measurements and casting on that many stitches. Pretty darn easy.

I would show you a picture of the progress by my lovely external flash is out of batteries so I'm sure the harsh light would distort everything. I'll post one today after we take our weekly trip to Target to replinish supplies.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!